Saturday, November 15, 2008


Impossible to know where I am with the story... maybe half-way, but hopefully 2/3 of the way.... I made it to 40,000 today, and am hoping for 60ish by the end of next weekend. And am hoping that leaves me with a full first draft, so I can do some holiday baking.

It definitely has it's own momentum, and is a lot of fun to write.

The "Inner Editor" problem is really more of an issue now than before, though. Typos I can live with, but now that I have a much better idea of how the story will wrap up, I am so tempted to read through what I have and make it all line up with that.... Instead I'm just keeping a separate file of notes so I don't forget what I had in mind for Draft 2.

Also, I'm starting to get more and more haunted by the other idea I had in mind for Nano. I didn't pick that one because it seemed to silly, but I keep thinking about ways to make it strong. Once the creative juices start flowing, it becomes a flood pretty quickly!


Anna said...

you can write that other story maybe in April? either as a script for Script Frenzy, or just another novel. that's what I did this year, and it was great fun...

well done on that word count!

jchart said...

We have a novel in a month challenge over at in June if you are looking for another one :-) You are doing amazingly well! keep up the great work.


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