Thursday, November 13, 2008


35,000+ which is great. Really, it feels really good.

And yesterday I did something I really haven't done since college. I let someone else read my writing!

I sent the book so far to a friend, who certainly would have encouraged me no matter what. However, I actually believe her enthusiasm for the story. I, of course, am already fond of it, and it is great to hear someone else rattle on about these people who have been sharing my days....

And it's a good thing I let her read it. Without a little positive feed back and external enthusiasm, I might be tempted to give up in spite of a good head start.

The real world is banging on my door with determination, in the form of loads of relatives complaining about not seeing us enough, planning trips to see us... plus, last night a sick three-year-old that almost guarantees a sick 1-year-old... and probably a sick me.

But I'm motivated to finish the tale, for myself and my friend.... and for the second draft that will be even better than this one.

So 5,000 more words done, and a whole lot more to go.

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Chibi said...

It's always rough to let someone else read your writing. I have a couple of friends that I give mine to, so I'm a little more used to it, but it's never an easy thing to do. It's great that your friend was able to give you the encouragement you needed. I hope that you'll be able to finish the story soon!


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