Monday, October 20, 2008

The Newest Writer

Thanks to Lynda, child-caretaker extraordinaire, Maya has been writing "M"s since she was about 20 months old. Now, just a few weeks into preschool, she can write M-A-Y-A with ease, not to mention that she can identify all of the letters on her Obama/Biden stickers (hee hee).

Amid my pride is a little guilt. Clearly I should have been working with her on her letters. If I had been diligent since she first scrawled that M on her coloring book almost two years ago, she could probably be reading at a seventh grade level or something, right?

No, no, I did work with her, on her name and on letter recognition. When I tried to make time for that here at home, she wasn't all that interested. She much prefers to play with her Little People stuff or tear around in the backyard running from "not-so-nice monsters."

The key, I think, was other kids. At Lynda's, her older friend was working on writing his name, and now at school, she's got 20 little friends practicing the same skill.

Clearly, preschool was a good choice.

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