Monday, October 20, 2008

Miss Elli's Tupperware Party

I try to keep the house clean. Really, I do.

Soon after I stopped working, I realized I would never rival Donna Reed. In fact, I've learned that in my few alotted hours of non-child-chasing time, cleaning ranks just before mowing the lawn, which my mother can assure you is not a favored activity at our house either.

I'm don't intend to live like a slob, though, so I try. As the girls and I move from room to room with various activities, I try to use the transitions to keep things clean.

Elliot's new fervor for Tupperware is seriously hindering my ability to keep things tidy.

In fact, as she litters the smooth flooring in our kitchen/dining room with slick plastic lids, Maya and I find ourselves in a minefield of potential twisted ankles and fractured tail bones.

As usual, I can't bring myself to train her out of a bad habit that makes her so gleeful. So the house is a bit messier than usual lately, as I pick up the same 12 Tupperware lids a thousand times a day.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad I'm not closer... as my favorite activity is mowing the yards... really I enjoy it! You need a self propelled super duper mower...hmmmm now that's a Christmas gift idea! Love MOM


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