Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 Down

& at least two to go.

I'm still working on my little mini-series of stories designed to illuminate characters in my NaNoWriMo novel. In story two, though, I covered two of the 7 character groups I intended to flesh out this way.

I think I'll do at least two more. This was a really helpful way to get to know the characters. Unfortunately, I still have to work through some of the character sketch questions afterward to fill them out a bit, but the questions seemed more interesting and easier to answer after writing a little story from the character's perspective.

This process has renewed my love of the MC, who was beginning to seem dull. Now that I have layered in her background, her goals, and her quirks, I'm convinced once again that she is one of the main voices in the story.

Another perk from this little project is that I can stay busy writing before the (ever closer) November kickoff without dwelling too much on the NaNo plot.... I can start November fresh, but well acquainted with the cast of the story.

Off to start story number 3, a slapstick comedy of errors for a pair of professors and their precocious off spring.

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Anna said...

oh, it is so cool when you garner a great affection for those MC's...

ahhh... the joy that is writing...


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