Tuesday, September 16, 2008

... My Pretties...

Point me toward a field of bewitched poppies, and I just might not be able to keep myself from cackling and sending in the flying monkeys.

I want a trick, a magic bullet to transform Elliot's bad sleeping habits for me.

I know I have created this monster. I have been away from her so rarely, and never for very long. I have nursed her to sleep or rocked her to sleep for almost every nap and bedtime. If I didn't rock her to sleep, Joe did.

Oh sure, I blogged a couple of months ago, vowing to sleep train her. But after a few days of letting her cry in short bursts and then comforting her, she learned to fall asleep quickly, during her bedtime snack. So I quit trying, because I had my evenings back.

Well, for two weeks now, Elliot has boycotted sleep in the evenings. Here she is two weeks shy of her 1 year birthday, she can't fall asleep on her own, and I'm ready to, um, dramatically reduce her non-kitchen snack times.

So yesterday, I brought my A game (Joe did too, of course). Eventually.... eventually, she fell asleep in her crib. I was nearby, and she was exhausted, but it's progress.

Maybe I'll fair better in round two!

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