Monday, September 15, 2008

Embracing Mistakes

Orson Scott Card offers this advice in his book How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy: Embrace writing mistakes. They aren't planned, so they are not likely to be cliche. Follow them and see where they take you.

I think it's fantastic. While I didn't get started on my Nano Outline, as I planned last week, I did capitalize on some mistakes in Legacy. The latest draft says what I want it to say, for the most part. So this week, the plan is to let it rest, so I can bring fresh eyes next week to polish the writing.

Goals for this week:

1) Consolidate the notes I have on two potential Nano Novels
2) Decide which one to proceed with for now
3) Begin outline for Nano novel

It's meager, but the girls have been swallowing up my would-be free time lately.


Anna said...

the unplanned/mistakes are what makes up some of my writing. and it's always not as bad as I think!

I need to get on my outline too! less than 50 days to go!!

Sarah said...

I'm glad to hear that others outline... SOoo many people emphasize the joy of letting the story take you where it will. I've tried that with short stories and I always end up with a pile of junk with maybe one hidden jem.

I'm doing much better with a more formal outlining process!


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