Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dance, Dance, Revolution

The girls lived the high life at their first wedding celebration. Even though they didn't even make it to the official dance, they logged at least a half marathon in miles run around the dance floor.

Elliot followed Maya, Maya followed the bigger kids, and both of the girls paused now and then to shimmy, shake, and twirl their matching skirts around!

Joe and I reveled in the many family members eager to play with and watch the girls for us. We even had a few adult conversations, admittedly more of a novelty for me than for Joe. Unfortunately, I suffer from Wandering Syndrome. No matter how interested or engaged I am in a conversation, I am usually forced to wander off after one child or another. Either Maya needs me to confirm that the gum stuck to the underside of the cake table is not an appropriate snack or Elliot, refusing to be held, wobbles off for the nearest staircase.

Then I am stuck, unable to clarify my complete outrage at the possibility that Republican Palin could be the first woman in executive leadership (no, it's not that she's a mother, it has more to do with her inability to define, much less take a stance in regards to the Bush Doctrine) and unable to elaborate on the leadership ability of Obama (though he was not my first choice - aah Hilary - he clearly has the finesse and charisma of a natural leader and the experience and thoughtfulness of an attorney, state legislator, and senator... plus the passion of a pragmatic idealist who believes change is possible).

AAAh, I look forward to the days when I can a) enjoy more than one adult beverage at a time, and b) complete a conversation without aimless wandering.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the dance parties!

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