Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We're making progress! Elliot loves whole milk, chugging cups full at every meal. She has fallen asleep in her crib two bedtimes and two afternoon naps in a row!

A few people (mostly my neighbor) have laughed at me for not Ferberizing her... I just won't abandon her to cry it out. I'm trying to build trust with her, and I certainly wouldn't trust someone who went from snuggling me to sleep every night to suddenly disappearing after goodnight moon!

So we are doing the Baby Whisperer pick-up-put-down thing, never letting her cry for more than three minutes. And we've got Maya in there with her most of the time, which seems to both calm her down and inspire her.

When I left her at nap time, she was laying in her crib just like Maya over in the toddler bed. Both were reading books to themselves and babbling.

I must admit, working made the sleep thing a lot easier. Lynda, a child care expert for 30 years, taught Maya to fall asleep on her own during naptimes, making the bedtime transition really easy.

Now I'm on my own, and most of my at home friends also admit that nursing/rocking baby to sleep is so nice in the beginning, but so hard to move past.

Yea for Progress!

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