Thursday, September 4, 2008

Go Time!

Maya is at preschool! All. By. Her. Self. That's really her favorite way to do anything!

She even posed for a picture, today, and marched into school like a pro, calling out "hey Grant, come on Kaden, let's go to our SkOO-ul!" when she saw her friends in the parking lot. She didn't cling to me as I left, like a few of the other kids. Instead she waved without looking, already engrossed in a game of dolls (or maybe a game of tug-of-war over some dolls... whatever) with another little girl.

Now, with Elliot sleeping, I'm having a serious deer in the headlights moment. In this brief window before the speeding truck of school pick-up/lunch/nap rig-a-ma-roll, do I organize their piles of fall clothes? Finish the laundry? Clean out my car? Or tinker with a writing project?

Hmmm, I'm too self-indulgent for my own good. Those clothes just might organize themselves... I think I'll give them another day, just to see.

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bonniehalver said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. The girls are just too cute! Grandpa will be there for brunch on Sunday! Hmmm...perhaps fresh eggs can be used! MOM


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