Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Toddler, not Infant

I know that I shouild blog all about Maya's first day of preschool yesterday. How she was so nervous the night before that she forced a cough and said "well, I guess I can't go." How she fell in love with her teacher and set up a giant picnic in the middle of the classroom for Miss Stephanie and several other girls. How her teacher was crazy excited about our chickens and begged for pictures.

But on the first day, Elliot and I got to stay with Maya. Thursday will be a bit more momentous, as we leave her to the mercy of Miss Stephanie, Miss Leesa, and her classmates (more than half of whom she knows from ECFE last fall!). Even the first-day-of-school picture was less than exciting, as she refused to take her puppy pack out to the garden and instead posed in the doorway of the garage!

Instead, Elliot has stolen the show. At preschool, every parent commented about her advanced walking skills and her remarkable knack for navigating among block towers without knocking them down. She found a telephone and walked around saying, Hi, Bye, and Cheese (can you tell she's photographed often?!)

What really has me quaking in my maternal boots is the fact that she really is a toddler now, not a baby at all. I pulled out some fall clothes for her, and realized that most of them really only got too small for Maya last fall! Elliot is posing for pictures in outfits that Maya wore while we finger painted and sang our A,B,C's together.

That means Elliot is mere weeks from those things too! It's exciting, but as always, temepred by the frantic thought, "How do I slow this down!?" Of course the answer is, I can't, so I'll just enjoy it!

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