Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She's Got Eggs! We know how to Use Them ;)

Big Birtha and Gladys, our two White Rocks, are officially no longer spring chickens. They're laying hens! (Hmm, Joe's 30th threw me into a bit of an holy-crap-I'll-be-30 mood)

We've found 5 eggs so far. Joe and I found the first egg, brought it in the house during naptime, and then realized how much more fun it would be if Maya found the egg herself. So we replaced it. When she found the egg "that my chickens made me" as she likes to say, she marched into the house and immediately took out the frying pan, and cracked the egg into it.

That first egg was okay, but one scrambled egg doesn't go very far, and I've recently been informed that there is more to scrambling eggs than the classic 'scramble over high-heat method.'

So now we're saving up our eggs for a meal. I'll fill you in on the qualitative difference between store bought and home grown eggs, as well as the double-boiler egg scramble versus the get-er-done method.

For now, we're just enjoying the thrill of the hunt. Yesterday Maya surprised poor Gladys. She came running back from the coop holding a WARM egg, while Gladys came sprinting out of the coop squawking like a cartoon chicken. Hopefully, it didn't scare her too bad, as she appears to have laid another today.


Pete and Nicole said...

Love the butterfly face! Where were you?

Sarah said...

Como Town. I'm not sure ho enjoyed it more, Grandma or Maya!


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