Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting Into It

I haven't really written, except boring grant proposals or blog posts about my girls and our life at home, for the past four years - not surprisingly, this coincides with when I got pregnant with my oldest.

I was afraid getting back into daily writing would just confirm that I had lost the knack, or worse, had only imagined that I had a bit of talent for putting ideas together in unique ways. Only a week ago, though, I decided to give NaNoWriMo a go, forcing myself back into daily writing.

Suddently everything around me is a light bulb, from story topics, to characters in my novel, to potential dialogue. I've spent time this morning looking around for a good "garden recipe" blog, because if I can't find one, I think that Bachman's or Gertens or some other graden center should pay me to write daily recipes that correspond to the burgeoning produce in my back yard. I haven't looked hard, yet. I'm sure a local CSA or Farmers' Market must have something like that....

Anyway, my point is that listening to my inner muse has taught me that I do, in fact, have one. Already I'm exceeding my expectations on this little project.

Yea for me!

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Anna said...

I did NANO in '06 because my then 17 year old goaded I mean bullied I mean gently harassed me to do it.

kids! what gifts... :)))

but really without that push, I never would have done it. NANO is fab... have a ton of fun!


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