Wednesday, March 2, 2011


What does one do after a week of couch-ridden, cabin-fever-laden doldrums?

If you happen to have a three-year-old in tow and nothing else on the day's agenda, you it the town. Preschool style, that is!

What exactly might that entail? First up, reading time at Barnes and Noble (the library didn't have one today), lunch at a restaurant, a trip to a toy store, and then a visit to the zoo.

Elliot fell in love with a book about a stinky pet skunk (surely it brought back memories of grandpa's skunk jokes). She stuffed herself with french fries - no judgment please, we've both been on a meager diet of juice and soup for a week!  She snagged some new play dough to occupy us during the next blizzard (they're already saying 6 to 12 inches next week!).

Then finally, for the grand finale, she lead me around the zoo. From the swimming, diving, adorable antics of Buzz, our lovable local polar bear, to the wild howling of the wolves, we were definitely in our element. We spent the afternoon surrounded by other creatures foolish and hardy enough to brave a 5 degree March day.

Perhaps the house won't seem so small tomorrow!


Mary-Catherine Austin said...

That sounds like so much fun i want to come too!!!!!!!

Jess Falken said...

Sounds like a great day! :)

Anna Scott Graham said...

So glad you're feeling better!!


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