Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Girl with the Sense of Humor

Maya's parent-teacher conference was today, and this blog title is perhaps my favorite take home appraisal. Few things are more satisfying than watching your child build her own relationships and seeing someone else appreciate the wonderful qualities you have always loved in her.

And Maya is absolutely a funny kid.... the good kind of funny, full of silly jokes, remarkably accurate (and often slightly Seinfeldian) observations, and a creative whimsy that is just plain fun to be around.

Of course, I was informed of all of her testable successes as well. It's no shock that she knows her letters and sight words, since she's reading well enough to have favorite authors, to ask for a few extra minutes with the light on to finish her book, and to spend her hour or so in the early morning with a book as she waits for the rest of us wake up.

It's the untestable qualities that are so much more interesting to discuss. According to her experienced teacher, this class overall is remarkably cohesive, inquisitive, and eager to learn. This means that they are all moving through the material quickly and having a fun (and humorous) time doing so.

All of this calls to mind the David Brooks article in today's New York Times. "The New Humanism" is so insightful, and yet so obvious when looking at a five-year-old.

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Audrey said...

She is very special, indeed!


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