Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Nest

No time to write! Elle's busy entertaining herself with an animal/train city. I'm nesting. Is it a bit early? Sure. But I began spring cleaning after the last cold snap, and the girls' room just sort of happened. I had little time to get choked up over their big move downstairs (no more little snuggly bodies finding my bed in the early morning.... they snuggle each other and read books until breakfast!). The next thing I knew the crib was up! Now, just a few rooms left to clean/organize, and we'll head outside until baby comes!


elacorn said...

:( no more baby girls :( I don't blame you one bit for getting choked up about the move downstairs. It's such a big move! Their room is adorable and we have the same dresser- Ikea? Nest away girlfriend! Baby #3 will be here soon:)

Anna Scott Graham said...

What a beautiful room and I LOVE those quilts!! They are big girls now, my goodness!


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