Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Belly Button Keeps My Toots In

Yeah, the title is a direct quote from Elliot Rose.

She has been on a real "why" and "how do you make" kick lately, trying to figure out the origins of things. Apparently she has solved the mystery of the belly button.

We're still working on how do you make light bulbs and how do you make jars and the ever-popular where do babies come from.

Clearly, this search for origins has its roots in my growing belly. While Maya seems generally excited about a baby brother, she also gives of a pretty solid meh vibe about it. Perhaps she is now an expert on big sisterhood and has no worries. Perhaps it just seems too far off.

Elle on the other hand goes back and forth between playing baby, cooing and snuggling her lovey and sucking her thumb, or playing big kid, mastering the role of sidekick by folding my laundry, washing my dishes, and "reading" aloud to her lovey from her favorite books.

She brings up the topic of our actual baby only around others, informing friends and family (who clearly know the source of my basketball belly by now), "we are going to have a baby brother."

So as these mysterious kicks and thumps grow stronger and my lap grows smaller, Elle and I are especially tuned in to the coming changes.

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Anna Scott Graham said...

Children are amazing, I can't think of much else to say.

My eldest has a t-shirt with meh as the decoration. Perhaps it is an oldest child reaction. :))) But such exciting times ahead for you all!!


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