Monday, January 10, 2011

You Think You Know a Person

Not just a person.... my child. I spent the day marveling at Maya. How eager she was to demonstrate her burgeoning piano skills to our neighbor. How politely she asked if I could give her story writing lessons the same way her dad gives her piano lessons.

How eager she is to learn to sew. I purchased a fabulous book called Sewing School. I thought it would be fun for us to learn together. At this rate, I stand no chance of staying ahead of her. Today, with help of course, she sewed a button on her homemade needle book and whip stitched an apple pin cushion. I offered to turn music on, but she said she preferred the quiet, and she proceeded to concentrate fiercely on her stitches.

Later in the day, this marvelous girl of mine took her bath all by herself (door open just in case), and dressed up for dinner (which is a princess-style habit that comes from who knows where!). She came downstairs just in time to eat with this self-satisfied look.

I know that look, I thought to myself. That girl just did something big. Like straighten up her room... or attempt to fold the laundry. I know this girl so well.

I literally thought that word for word in my head.

It took me almost half an hour to notice the buttons missing from her shirt. She redesigned her outfit in the quiet of her room, undoubtedly inspired by the success of her first sewing project.

I was so right that her look meant she had done something big (at least in her eyes). I somewhat overestimated the direction of her energies. She is just five after all.


Bonnie said...

Too sweet... at least you aren't teaching her how to be a beautician! Good luck with sewing the buttons back on! Love MOM

Jess Falken said...

That books sounds really neat! Hopefully Maya can teach me a thing or two - I would love to learn more! Happy sewing!

Anna said...

Beautiful, just beautiful... Congrats on being such a supportive, loving mom!! She's learning all this right from the font of wisdom... :)))

Mary-Catherine Corrine said...

I love this. it is just so cute. And yes i still check that email. i think the last sunday will work. i am done in 2 weeks! i can't wait to see them.


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