Thursday, January 13, 2011

All By Herself

Contrary to popular family myth, Elle has been a pretty malleable child, at least where her morning routine is concerned. While Maya insisted on dressing herself at two, incorporating a rainbow of beautiful colors into every ensemble, Elle has been content to let me dress her. In fact, she seems to prefer that time with just us two in her room.

Until now she has been rather coordinated, always right-side-out, and always with her tags in the back.

Then I mentioned, casually, that if she wanted, she could dress herself. It never occurred to me that I should have told her that earlier. She sees Maya dress herself every day. I assumed it was self-evident.

I assumed wrongly. In so many ways, Elle has come to think of herself as "the little sister," and she acts accordingly. With her impending big-sisterhood, I've been actively letting her take the lead in her life. This works especially well when Maya is off at school. Perhaps it is easier to forget that she's "the little sister."

This little sister is getting to be one big girl!

Like her sister, Elle is drawn to color, but she prefers patterns as well... and always inside out and backwards! Beautiful!


elacorn said...

I love it!

Robyn said...

Lovely ensemble Elle!! I remember putting my head down and feeling embarrassed with some of the things Mason would could out of his room wearing when it was time for school. I thought, "people must look at him walking down the hallway and think that his mother does not know how to dress him!!" They find their own style!

Anna said...

She looks stunning. They are growing so fast!


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