Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zen and Still Waters

Our book order arrived! I've had my eye on Zen Shorts for a long time, and it arrived on just the right day, as I mentioned over at Doing Good Together.  Without too much detail, let's just say, a little time for zen was much appreciated, and my meditation practice has been revived.

Now to revive the novel writing habit, which waxes and wanes and gets shoved aside when more practical writing and a giant backyard and a lovely family require the spotlight instead.

Where better to find inspiration than the words of others. Today, I'll offer up Maya's very first recorded story. She has told us a few good tales, but thanks to her homework, I found a pen for these two:

Story One: Once upon a time there was a girl named Maya. She did something brave for her mother and father. One day a dragon came and punched a hole in their house. Maya got some nice wood and painted iit and nailed it to their house. So they had a place to live forever.
 Story Two: One day there was a kitten named Sockfear. He lived with his mother and father in the woods. Then one day a tiger came and then Sockfear's mother and father fell in the lake. Sockfear saved them by using his jet. He sent down a rope and his mother and father grabbed the rope and were saved forever. The End.
There you go. If a five year old can absorb the basic construct of beginning, middle, and end, story telling must thrive in all of us. Now I just have to carve out the time in stone.

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