Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turning Three in Three Acts

If you've ever imagined what a day would feel like if you matched a small child step for step, you might be able to guess how I'm feeling at the moment. Today we turned Elliot three with every ounce of energy we had. Forgive any incoherence, as I'm not sure I can spell my own name correctly at this point!

Act 1: Solo Elliot on a little kid adventure

Joe took the day off, as is his custom for the kid's birthdays. After we waved Maya onto the bus, we gussied up and headed for the Minnesota Children's Museum. She giggled and gasped and squealed about how "wonderful" it was when she saw... the SKYWAY on the way to the museum.Her enjoyment of the place itself can't even be put into words. With both parents to help her rock and roll, float small boats, and operate a crane, she didn't stop moving the entire morning. And neither did we!

Act 2: Big Kid adventure with Maya
Maya joined us for a quick picnic in the backyard, some cupcakes, and the much anticipated gift opening. Maya refused to put her name on the presents we bought, and instead found a gift bag for her much beloved unicorn. Even the arrival of new (and one previously loved) toys could slow us down. Off we went for adventure number two at Hyland Park Preserve in Bloomington.

A much coveted Barbie made this girl ridiculously happy!
 This playground featured several stories of netting and ladders and slides and tunnels. It was a kid's dream. Joe's too I think! I am not a big fan of the enclosed slides. They make me nervous. When I told Elle I was a little scared she, clinging to the rope nets on a steep incline, tried to calm me:

"Don't be scared mom, I'll catch you. I am as strong as I can be when I'm saving someone I love."

That's a direct quote. I considered it her birthday present to me!

Act 3: Wild Kid Adventure
After two hours of playing in this crazy maze, you'd think both girls would be ready to pass out, but we had one more stop. The Hyland nature center was nearby. We couldn't help but check it out. I'm so glad we did, because this is a nature center worth driving too. The indoor kids' area was incredible, surpassed only by the beautiful trails nearby. The girls hike almost a mile with us, looking for dear and finding squirrels. Then we stumbled upon the wild play area, a veritable tree fort factory, and it's no wonder the rest of the day slipped away there.

So everyone's sleeping soundly. Elliot has officially gotten the hang of holding up three fingers for her age. What a day!


Anna said...

What a wonderful recap! I love it that Joe took the day off, and that quote from Elliot, priceless!

I also like that snap of you getting some quiet time with Maya on the log... Nice! Happy birthday to Elliot and congrats to you and Joe for such lovely daughters...

Jess Falken said...

What a great day you all had! I wish Elliot a happy birthday, happy weekend, and a happy year! Wish we were all coming to see you guys this weekend, but since we aren't, we sent our cheer with Nana!
Talk to you soon!

elacorn said...

too cool, sarah! and happy birthday to elliot!


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