Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Taste of Kindergarten

Over at Doing Good Together, I posted about our very first Meals on Wheels Delivery, so check it out if you're considering a new volunteer gig or just want to see how it went.

Today Maya met her kindergarten teacher in what will be her kindergarten classroom. She was so nervous ahead of time she had to pee three times just while we waited the ten minutes for her name to be called.

After Ms. Johnson introduced herself, she and Maya ducked back into the classroom while I was left in the hall trying to will myself into a meditative state of super-hearing. Unable to eavesdrop, I can report only that Maya blazed speedily through the skills test, thought her teacher was very nice, and can't wait to meet all the kids at school.

Phew! The rest of our morning was a date, just the two of us as Elle had a sitter. We shopped for new sneakers and jeans for this growing girl. We went out to lunch. We window shopped, poking fun at the odd specialty shops in the mall.

And we voted for a candidate who will, hopefully, be Minnesota's first female governor. The whole polling place knew it too, since Maya exclaimed loudly before I filled in the ballot, "Don't forget to vote for that lady who is smart and nice and really, really strong." That girl knows her stuff.

Elle was overjoyed when we got back home, and she continues to beg me for a date of her own. Little does she know she's about to get five of them a week!

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Anna said...

What a lovely time had with Maya, especially the civics lessons. I had to smile at the end, Elliot with many Mum play dates in the future!!


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