Monday, August 16, 2010

Expanding Time in our Little Universe

How can the same stretch of time feel both lazy and completely packed?

It's as if these August days are so big and sunny we somehow have room to expand. I can't count the number of loaves of zucchini bread we've baked in the past two weeks (much less the number of zucchinis, patty pan, cucs, beans, and even a few tomatoes off my wilty but determined vines).

In the past ten days, we have swam in a lake on at least eight of them. Sand castle towers must number in the hundreds.

My favorite zucchini bread baking experience was just this afternoon, after the oobleck creations and before the walk in the park. Maya read the entire recipe herself (many thanks to Great Aunt Mary Jo for her flawless guidance).

May read. She scavenged for the ingredients. She measured. She stirred. I cheered her on, and eventually manned the stove.

And I laughed at her comical and purposeful misreading of some of the words. She turned "Raw grated zucchini" into word salad for the better part of 15 minutes. But in the end, she got it.

This experience closely ties last week's work with Elliot the baker. She dumped and stirred with a little help, and licked the spoon of course. It's so nice to have them each alone for a bit.

And somehow, on these last long days of summer, there seems to be room for that too!

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