Monday, May 3, 2010

The Natural Course of Things

The "LIST" is long, uncurling somewhere back by the chicken coop as I stand in the kitchen adding new garden projects, volunteer priorities, writing goals, and of course, some fun for the kids.

Maya and Elliot's classmates join them on a "rocking horse" during Frogs & Polliwogs.

If life takes its natural course, none of it will get done. I'll wind up with Maya off at kindergarten and Elle waiting for me to entertain her while I wonder where summer went. I need a plan of action. A training schedule. Or a level of will power reminiscent of... well, an entirely different person.

Who am I kidding! Following the natural course is the only way I know how to happily navigate my days. Today, after a fun but exhausting weekend rendezvous, the natural course is mandating extra long cuddle times, enormous levels of patience, and a little help from the good people at Pixar (shameful, I know). Willfully demanding my allotted hour of writing time (in addition to this excessive blog post), would just increase the flow of tears and the demand for jelly beans.

(Admittedly, we accomplished a lot last week, including early May basket deliveries before we left on Friday).

Off to cuddle, and prioritize that list.

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