Friday, April 16, 2010

Frogs & Polliwogs

In spite of my earnest efforts not to over schedule their childhood, I enrolled the girls in a new, bi-weekly class. It is Frogs & Polliwogs at our much loved Tamarack Nature Center.

Elliot was both delighted and puzzled by her new status as student. The thinking went something like: "Yea! I get to stay with Maya and play with all this cool stuff... WHAT!? You want me to sit on the rug and listen to The Lorax... isn't that REALLY long? I think those blocks look fun. And look, this thing makes noise! No, no I'll sit, it's okay..... I'll just steam roll the other kids on the rug, that sounds fun. What? Still? Sit STILL? What's still?"

Luckily after story time they had a scavenger hunt and a craft and free time in the new and improved Wild Place. Maya, probably the oldest and by far the most chatty kid among the other eight 2.5 to 5-year-olds, lead the others in a painfully adorable game of birds. They nested in leaf piles, flew around looking for worms, and laid eggs.

They're already looking forward to the next class, and I have forgiven myself the added item on our agenda. Elle needs a class of her own, and they both love to visit Tamarack as much as I do.

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