Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bugging Out

The blog has been sputtering these last few weeks, along with pretty much every other aspect of life around here. After 16 days of bothersome (but minor) illnesses affecting everyone in the house multiple times, we have emerged healthy, disoriented, and buried under a sizable "to do" list.

We have been oscillating between waves of energy, when it seems we have conquered the last of cold and flu season, and the doldrums of sleep deprivation and ibuprofen dosing schedules, when we realize someone else has landed on the couch. I don't mean to complain. We've been so much healthier this year than last, but as nurse-in-chief, I must say I'm glad it's over.

And what a time to be sick. The weather has been unreasonably perfect. The yard and garden are calling out for attention. I'm in the middle of a chapter on my latest writing project. Maya is working on riding her new big kid bike, and Elle is learning to reliably keep her unders clean (slowly).

These along with a dozen other little projects have all stumbled over the past month.

Now healthy, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed. It's hard not to expect the perfect day. You know the one. Everyone eats healthy, watches little or no television, does interesting projects, and plays creative games. I get time to write, exercise, and maybe even read something interesting. The girls go to bed early and us adults have a quiet evening to gather ourselves for the next day. Those days do happen, but it has been a while since we have enjoyed the normal rhythms of our life.

There are worse things. I'll set aside the whining. Particularly since today is shaping up to be one of those gold star days: good meals, chipper kids, and a bug hunt that lasted all morning.

The girls helped me capture bugs in little bowls. We brought them into the gazebo as models for our bug drawings. Then we released them....

In the chicken run! The chickens loved it, though my inner Buddhist feels a tad guilty. Hey, it's the circle of life right?

My favorite Maya quote: "Let's find another one of my favorite REALLY gross bugs... Ina loved that one." She meant the creepy, nasty grubs we kept finding.

My favorite Elliot quote: "I'm gonna BONK that one."

Maya's portrait of bugs. Her rendition is much cuter than the actual specimens.


Anna said...

Sometimes the inner Buddhist needs to let the chickens have a treat every once in a while... Glad you're all better, a lovely post!!

elacorn said...

We've been waiting for that perfect day too. I think the girls and I have a bad case of allergies. Pink eye three times, croup twice, and me a sinus infection. So we enjoy the outdoors a little at a time :( I love all the fun you guys are having inspite of it all. I talked to a friend of mine today and we agreed that we don't know how we do it we just do it... just keep swimming... just keep swimmng ;)


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