Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo Friday: Get the Party Started

Maya has been attending birthday parties left and right lately. Spring really does seem to bring a baby boom! Last week, her lovely preschool friends were kind enough to invite Elliot to join in on the fun at the St. Anthony Fire Station.

Now, a week later, Elliot is still interrupting our dinner with an expression of awe, a shake of her head, and an excited whisper: "I can't believe we got to ride the fire truck!" Maya has renewed her commitment to one day became a fire fighter herself.

Honestly, Maya and Elliot were the most enthusiastic new recruits in the station.

The other girls in this picture are all members of the self-titled preschool gang "The Pony Set." They are not an exclusive group, their teacher assures us, but they do get together every recess to play an elaborate unicorn and pony game that no one else can quite decipher.

Forgive the quiet blog, but I'm approaching chapter seven of a new project. My words are channeled elsewhere!


Bonnie said...

My granddaughter the firefighter! Love it! All dressed up in her dress and tights! Good luck on the new project!

Anna said...

I LOVE The Pony Set! What a great memory for later days...


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