Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All Things Large and Small

The little day to day moments that make my life satisfying have been marching right along.

We held our first backyard picnic yesterday (it was much more relaxing than the snow-capped zoo picnic of a couple weeks ago).

We have held marathon craft sessions at the request of a pre-school-ready two-year-old. Aren't their caterpillars and butterflies impressive?

This gorgeous weather has given the three of us boundless energy and, thankfully, a little color atop our Minnesota winter pallor.

But as satisfying as they are, these moments don't lend themselves to interesting story telling. Enough about the weather!

Spend your reading time over here instead. The New York Times blog Well posted an article called "Talk Deeply, Be Happy."

Ah ha. So that's why "visiting" drives me nutty, it's bad for my health!


elacorn said...

Yeah! Thanks for the great article. I can't wait to forward it to Shana, She's a psychology major so we talk about stuff like this all the time. I'll also rub it in that it came from UofA, not ASU :)

Also, cute crafts. Look for a Kayleigh and Zoe version coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work, girls! Keep it up. I've been waiting since Friday!! You know what I mean Sarah! New shots make me smile. Thanks, Love from Aunt Carol

Anna said...

Fantastic artwork and a great article too. Thanks for sharing both!


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