Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's Mania is Not Monday Related

This day does seem a little manic, though. Remember that feeling when you were really little? When you were about to have a big birthday party or go on the much-coveted trip to Disney World.

That monumental anticipation has been the mood in our household for the past three days.

South Kaibab Trail where, in just a few days, we will begin our descent into the Grand Canyon.

Maya and Elliot are enthusiastically stuffing every conceivable toy into their suitcases. Maya is updating Elliot frequently on her anticipated itinerary, mostly involving Nala (the dog), joke telling, and treats they might get to have on their vacation. They crafted a collage of Mom and Dad pictures to take with them to Grandma and Grandpa's house, in case they get lonely.

All of their excitement pales in comparison to mine. I'm preparing to leave the girls for six days on an adventure vacation to the Grand Canyon. I toggle between updating my notes for Grandma on the girls' basic needs and trying on my stuffed pack once again to see if that extra bag of trail mix and packet of Advil added too much weight.

I'm standing strong at 29.6 pounds. Joe is carrying about ten more than that. We're right on target. Phew. That should be plenty to haul down the 7 mile trail into the canyon. I should only be bringing about 26 pounds back on the 8 mile climb out, thanks to the meals we will eat.

Forgive the blathering post. I am clearly engulfed in this wildly complex trip planning. Packing for the girls, for the trek, and for the more civilized hotel stays before and after the trek has lead me to obsessive list keeping and frequent vertigo. I expect this manic fog to lift just about the time our plane does on Wednesday.

What fun! A non-kid-related adventure.

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Anna said...

Oh what an adventure!! Can't wait to hear how it goes for all of you!!

And see some pics too? Have a grand (ha ha!) time... :)))


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