Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Maya spent an afternoon in Wonderland last week. All of the chairs were tiny (including the special potty), the leaders walked around with brightly colored balloons, and everyone traveled via a big yellow school bus.

For her and her lucky tag-a-long little sister, the entire event was magical.

Maya enjoyed the thrill of accomplishment when she realized her lifelong goal: to ride a school bus!

Elle enjoyed her ride too.

Maya quickly found her neighborhood friends while she met her teachers.

Doesn't she look bookish in my old glasses?

For Joe and I, who visited Wonderland only to fill out the paperwork required to enroll Maya in Kindergarten, it was a shocking moment of realization: our first born will soon attend school. Real school.

Luckily this whole new phase of parenting, the main stage event, doesn't start for many months. In the meantime, we have comically lovable preschool events to remind us how little Maya still is.

Her Valentine's pageant performance started strong, but she froze after the first song and hid from her audience.

Her favorite preschool friends snacked together, then played kitties & unicorns in the gym.

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Anna said...

Oh that is such a milestone!! Doesn't seem possible while they are small and there in your realm, but before you know it...

Great pics!!!


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