Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Eye for Detail

My sister and I recently treated Maya to a big girl adventure at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

To be clear, she's trying to draw an enormous Buddha.

This wasn't her first time, of course. Last year three-year-old Maya, accompanied by Elliot and her stroller, raced through a few exhibits before retiring to the children's lounge for a snack and some personal art creation.

This year, armed with a sheaf of papers and a handful of crayons, Maya examined each room carefully and quickly. She then selected her favorite piece in the exhibit, found a quiet place to draw the piece before her.

She started with Buddha, worked her way through a few pots, the Frank Lloyd Wright chair (which, thankfully, she did NOT sit in), and finally discovered a horse in the Native American gallery. That was her eureka moment, and for the rest of the trip she simply exclaimed "Wow, that is just beautiful," before leading us into the next room. Occasionally, she took a picture of pieces she really liked. Like this one.

I think she sincerely enjoyed the trip, and of course, her Aunt's company made it much more special and grown up than our last visit.


Bonnie said...

Ohhh I just love it!!! I spent all day Tuesday at the High Museum! Can't wait to take the girls to DC!

Anonymous said...

Ermm.... good thing you identified that picture as the Buddha... SO not what I would have guessed ;)



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