Monday, January 18, 2010

Fashion Cuts

Maya has developed a passion for hair. She styles her own. She commands me to provide her with French braids or the ever-popular 5 pony tail look.

At three she cut her own hair.

Now, at 4, she has cut her sister's hair, along with her Barbie pony's hair. Shortly after we unpacked our Christmas loot (thank you, thank you, thank you ALL!), I stepped downstairs to sort laundry. I was gone for maybe 15 minutes, I swear. The scissors are stored on a high kitchen shelf, I swear.

When I skipped up the stairs to resume my role as the friendly giant in the adventurer's trek to the volcano, I found my girls deeply involved in a new game. They sat amid a pile of brown and pink and glittery bits of a hair. Maya was hard at work trimming one pony, while Elliot sat nearby with another... supposedly in the queue.

According to Maya, her pony simply HAD to have a haircut. She just couldn't see through all of that dangling hair.

After administering the requisite lecture, making Maya pick up the hair, and banishing the scissor to an indefinite above-the-fridge time out, I sent them off to play. I had to laugh in solitude.... HA, I had cut my first My Little Pony's hair soon after I got it too. Plus, the giver of the pony commented on the pony's excessively long, glam locks as soon as it was removed from the box... It seems that Maya agreed. This horse needed a trim. It was all very funny!

Until I found a light brown chunk of hair on the play room floor, baby soft and slightly curled. Poor Elliot was short a patch right up front. I dithered for a week or two, wondering whether to let it grow out or simply bob it off.

As you can see, the results are adorable, but I definitely teared up at the sight of all those baby curls resting on her shoulders!


Mimi said...

The new haircut is adorable, did you cut it yourself?
Watching the girls starts my days with a smile. Mimi

Anna said...

My youngest had a scissors fetish, but never cut anyone's hair, only her dolls' hair, a raincoat (that wasn't hers!) and tassels off a blanket.

But Elliot looks adorable with that new 'do!

elacorn said...

we too have recently delt with unexpected haircuts. Elliot's hair is SUPER cute. Very sassy ;o)

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut! :)

Didn't Maya cut her own hair when she was Elle's age?



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