Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Classic Milestone

After our frayed and frazzled troubles last fall, I planned to take Maya in for a nice hair cut soon. I was simply waiting for the frazzled section to grow out enough to allow her a real hair cut.

In case you've forgotten that little post, here's a quick recap: Maya has always comforted herself by playing with my hair. The big transition to preschool sent her into a tailspin of hair twisting, and since she sleeps alone, she started twisting her own hair. Off. Thankfully, we convinced her to leave her own hair alone, and she now snuggles a fuzzy puppy dog, Zoe, when she needs that sort of comfort.

Her hair has nearly grown long enough for an evened-out hair cut (In the interim, we've engaged a vast arsenal of ribbons, headbands, clips, and pony tails to mask the partial mullet she's been sporting).

Maya adding trees and cutouts from gardening magazines to our spring mural.

I was planning to wait a bit longer, but she threw a new challenge at me (and her future hair dresser). Yesterday afternoon, while we did a little cabin fever craft project, creating spring in our dining room, she snuck under the table and cut a chunk off of her hair!

My picture of the finished mural, after several different sessions of adding pictures. It was slow going, as Maya insisted on cutting out all of the pictures on her own.

This is how I found Maya, after taking a picture of the mural. She is looking at the hair in her hand. (Yes, she changed into her jammies during the project. We were going to watch a movie next, and she wanted to be comfy.)

When asked why, she explained that it was in her eyes. Of course, the long hair at the back of her head was probably not in her eyes. At least not before she took the pony tail holder out. Sheesh.

Crime scene evidence.

According to other mom friends, it's a right of passage. They each referred me to stylists at Aveda, Roco, Juut, and Ficocello who can do wonders with little girls' self-styled disasters. We'll be off to one tomorrow morning. Wish us luck!


Bonnie said...

Not so bad! At least it wasn't Elliot's "spout"! She still looks beautiful!

Joe said...

Sounds like 'Another Classic Mullet-stone'...hee hee

Emily said...

I think it makes complete sense to chop off hair that keeps getting in the way. :) I also find it very funny the way she was looking at the hair!! Love the change to pjs too. So cute


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