Tuesday, March 10, 2009

800+ and a cross roads

So, plugging right along, having great fun. But I reached the end of a section. My vision with this rewrite is to weave three separate but overlapping viewpoints through the story. Now that I say that, I think it's absurdly complex for a first novel.... but I have nothing to lose, and that's what I want to do, so.... that's what I'm doing.

But, in the Nano draft I plunged ahead and wrote the whole thing sequencially. This time around, I'm tempted to follow this viewpoint to the end, taking notes on what interdependent details need to be brought in to the other story lines, and then take up the next voice.

On the one hand, it might let each character come through a little better.

On the other, it might get horribly confusing.

Instead of plunging ahead for another 200 words, I'm spending the rest of the night pondering this quandary.

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