Monday, January 4, 2010

2010: The Odyssey Begins

I have stepped lightly, these first few days of 2010, nestling into the post-holiday lull and avoiding direct eye contact with the resolutions I couldn't help but set. I always do that. Loudly voice my utter disdain for sweeping proclamations of self-improvement that are never met, only to discover, late on New Year's Eve, that both Joe and I secretly harbor a huge list of expectations.

These expectations always, always include more. More exercise, predictably, more patient parenting, more date nights, more reading, more writing, more healthy meals, more adventure days, more travel, more time with family, more.... more... more.

As I forced my family to make festive party hats for our fantastically low key New Year's Eve, I realized that what I absolutely need this year was a resolution for less. I only came up with two "less" items for the list. Sleep was originally on it, but now that I'm getting my fair share again, I refuse to skimp on that.

So CHEERS for 2010, the year of less needless worry and less television. My hope is that less of these items will make room for more of the good bits in my life that I want to amplify. CHEERS, too, for 2010, the year of Maya's first day of kindergarten (yipes!) and untold adventures for us all.

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Anna said...

Here here for those lesser things!! I love those hats... :)))


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