Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pictoral Holiday Review

The Holiday Blizzard of 2009 found us tucked away safe and sound at Nana's house. Maya took her first kringla-making lesson. Elliot built elaborate forts. They both galloped around with the horses Santa kindly delivered. Eventually we even dug ourselves out and plowed our way to Grandpa Lonnie's for even more holiday fun.

The quote of the weekend was Elliot's as she rushed to her (only slightly) crying cousin's side: "Oh, oh, it's okay Delainey, I'm coming." She delivered her line with all the drama of Scarlet O'Hara, stopping along the way to grab Delainey's favorite rattle.


Bonnie said...

Great pics!!! I'm sure Delainey enjoyed meeting her cousins! And are those little weenies left for Santa??? See you soon!

Sarah said...

No, no... those are carrots for the reindeer of course! :) Maya counted them all out for according to the Rudolph song, but kept eating them and having to dig out more... funny kid!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss you all already! What a GREAT Christmas!!! Glad you all made it safely home. Happy New Year!



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