Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiny Dancer

She was a doll! In spite of her nervousness on the way to the elementary lunchroom that was to be her stage, she danced her heart out.

Pictures of the actual event are forthcoming, because of course I forgot the memory card amid the hustle. Not the camera, just the memory card hidden away in the computer after yesterday's post.

Here is our girl, though, all dressed up to dance.

She twirled and bopped and snapped to the tunes of "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" (the tap ditty), "Silent Night" (for the somber ballet number), and "Jingle Bell Rock" (the peppy finale complete with jingle bracelets.

She grinned and even giggled throughout each number, adding gusto to the next move whenever she forgot one. She clearly had a good time.

That is, until each song ended. At which point, of course, the parents thunderously applauded and whistled as if we had all just lost our minds. Joe and I joined in the applause, forgetting Maya's strict instructions the previous evening: "Do not clap, guys, you'll make me nervous."

As the applause continued, Maya stared us down. Her former grin became a stern, pursed expression. She folded her arms across her chest while the other ballerinas bowed and curtsied. She then used both hands to mime an "X" in the air and then softly clapped them together.

Her message was clear: "I SAID NO CLAPPING."

Each song was performed that way. A gleeful dance followed by extremely dramatic scolding during the applause. She is a riot of entertainment!


Bonnie said...

I just love it!!!! She is our doll!!! Love Grandma

Shana said...


Hope to see you all again soon!


Genie of the Shell said...

ADORABLE! Parents should carry video recording devices at all times for the opportunity to win cash prizes from America's Funniest Home Videos.


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