Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo Friday: The Neverending Journey

These pictures chronicle the girls' favorite new game: "Adventure."

It involves traveling to whichever page they open in their new Children's Amazing Places Encyclopedia. Elliot flips through the book exclaiming, "We could go there, or we could go there!" Maya particularly likes trekking to volcanic Mt. Etna. She packs her backpack full of her firefighter gear, her oven mit, and an old pair of binoculars, and then leads Elliot on a long climb up the mountain (a.k.a. the stairs). Elliot then collapses dramatically, shouting, "I'm falling in the volcano," and Maya uses the gear to save her.

Occasionally their journeys require horses (a.k.a. the coffee table) or princesses or fairy dust. Cold days on the tundra pass quickly when you are armed with a magical portal!

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