Monday, October 12, 2009

The Demands of the Day

Really? A blizzard (sort of) in October!? It is so easy to wonder what happened to fall, to look ahead at months of confinement indoors with energetic preschoolers, and to hunt around for a powerful sedative (I must have leftovers from the tonsil episode...)

Clearly, I still need to track down snow pants and boots, but the rain boots did all right for today.

No, no. Rumor has it this weekend might find us back up at 60 degrees, with time enough to put the garden to bed and prowl through leaf littered trails in the park a bit more. These first snowfalls really are full of magic, and the girls and I answered the early morning call of our backyard.

Vegetable Village was fighting so hard to finish off a few last tomatoes.

Our snowgirl toppled under her own soggy weight after only a few hours, but that doesn't erase the fun we had creating it. This snow is so sticky even Maya had no trouble rolling a section of snowgirl. Unfortunately, by the time we were ready to decorate our creation, both girls were sporting soggy mittens and frozen fingers. Elliot still has no tolerance for cold, and as Maya and I looked around for a pine cone nose, poor little sister let herself into the house and stomped her slushy disapproval all over the kitchen floor.

We simply had to warm up at Caribou with a couple hot chocolates and a sticky bun. It couldn't have been a more delightful, if Christmas-y, morning.


Bonnie said...

Love the pics!! Soooo cute.. Maya in her skirt rolling the snowgirl! Miss you guys!!! G. B.

Andrea said...

I can't believe it's snowing in MN! It's still hot and humid here! It feels like it should be summer where you are too. . .
Coming home to DC in December is going to be hard!

Bonnie said...

Andrea... it's nothing a new coat and new boots can't fix!!! Love MOM

Anna said...

Great pics and a fab snowman!

We lived in Colorado for five years and I remember that sort of early taste of winter... Hope all slept well that night! :)))


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