Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In a Flash

Labor Day weekend is behind us, and preschool kicks off tomorrow. In a flash, summer is over.

We drank in the last weekend of the season as fully as possible. We took in the Renaissance Festival, delighting in the extravagant costumes, odd and extensive entertainment, and frequent animal rides. We all had a good time except for the last 20 minutes of tatrum-throwing (more on the part of mom and dad than the children... we needed a nap!) and the late night tummy upset (fair food should have a kid-friendly rating system like television!).

The Petting Zoo

Joe loved the elephant ride more than anybody, but Maya has earned a lot of street cred around the neighborhood with her elephant expertise!

Both girls got pony rides.

Only Maya got to ride the big horse.

The whole family got in on the magic wand making... Hazzah! (that was the magic word)

We had lots of lazy family time in the backyard, and then invited some friends to share in the fun.

How could parents survive without a sandbox? It has been the most consistent distraction of the summer!

Today we even ran in the sprinkler.

Elliot's sprinkler dash - she moves as quickly as possible to avoid getting wet!

And now, as Maya quietly tells me she is afraid to go to preschool tomorrow and has no interest in meeting new friends, I protectively wonder if I should be homeschooling. At least in these early years.

Of course, by Friday she'll have an entire classroom of new friends, because that's how young children are. Wish us luck! Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the new, big girl room!


Andrea said...

I have very little parenting expertise to offer, but please no home schooling!

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great recap of a great weekend!

Anna said...

Great pics!

Homeschooling has it's pros and cons. Worked well for us for nine years while living in the UK.

I remember when my youngest was 3 1/2, dropping her off for preschool, huge tearful battles each morning. Now she's my most social, but back then you'd have thought I was sending her to the gulag! :)))


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