Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fairy Wonderland

The girls helped redecorate their room!

With two big girls, one of whom changes clothes as the mood strikes, it was time for two big dressers. So we ditched the babyish sleepy-time theme, and brought in the fairies for some sweet dream magic.

Would it have been easier, a bit more polished to buy the Tinkerbell decals at Target?


Would it have been as fun?

No way.

Both girls helped construct the fairy mobile, with fairy stickers on one side and glitter paint on the other. They sparkle in the glow of the nightlight!

Then they made their own fairy wands to hang above the dressers.

They are big girls now! We don't even have a rock-a-bye chair!

Oh my... we'll have to give up the crib before long...

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Anonymous said...

So sweet!!!! Love Grandma!


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