Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can You Feel The Love?

Tonight marks the 15th anniversary of Joe and my first date!

Fifteen years ago, I hopped into Joe's Tornado and drove to Britton, SD, to take in the highly sophisticated film Lion King. It was quite the first date. I can't tell you how awkward the lion love scene made me feel... well, the lion nuzzling scene, but still... awkward... yeah, I was a dork!

For the past fifteen years, Joe and I have grown up. Someday I'll get a scanner so I can post an embarrassing old school picture of us, complete with the letter jacket and cheer leading uniform, so you can see just how far 15 years have taken us. Somehow, we grew up in the same direction. We took the time in college to find ourselves as well as each other, and today we're a better fit than we ever were in high school.

Even though I had to dig all the way back to our Vegas trip for a child-free photo of us together, we still carve out as much time as possible for each other. We stay up too late night after night talking politics, free-range beef and the history of corn, or watching even more sophisticated films, like The Hangover.

After 15 years with Joe, I've now been with him as long as I was without him. I can only imagine and look forward to the ways we'll grow and the simple, happy moments we'll share in the next fifteen!


Anonymous said...

Love you both SO much!! Many congrats!! xoxox


Anonymous said...

You compliment each other so well! I'm so happy for you two, and even happier Joe chose such a wonderful person to be my sister-in-law! Love you guys.....see you next weekend!



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