Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Road Trip Redo

This summer has been transformative. Both girls are far more content in the car this year than ever before, perhaps because they have each other. They sing along to the radio, read books, put together silly Mr. Potato Head faces, and (in stark contrast to past years) they sleep.

Which is why we have been on the road for several different weekends this summer. Here is a glimpse at the fun this time around. We celebrated Grandpa's birthday and Unk's visit to South Dakota with great enthusiasm.

Though it was startlingly cold, Maya lead us all into the water several times. My favorite by far was a 7:30 AM polar bear adventure on a perfectly still lake. Early as it was, the air was warmer than it had been the previous two days, so when she asked if we could jump in, I could scarcely refuse.

Who am I kidding? A major factor in my decision to have kids was the decline in influence over my grown up siblings... they just won't get in the cold water with me anymore.

What would I do without my Maya? Who else would eagerly step into a swimsuit, still damp with dew from overnighting on the clothesline, and join me in the chilly lake? After a fairly long swim (with life jackets and floating devices) on the perfectly still lake, the mist began stretching across the water towards us. We both got a little unnerved and headed, teeth chattering, for the hot chocolate (or coffee) in the cabin, but while we swam, it was fantastic. The highlight of my weekend!

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