Monday, August 3, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

Someone recently asked me if we gave up dance party, since it has dropped off the blog for a while. Don't worry, my friends, dance party lives on, though it doesn't provide much fodder for new bloggable stories.

A few things have changed, though. The tutus rarely make an appearance anymore, but crepe paper streamers have become regular "ribbon dancing" props.

The girls now synchronize some of their moves, if Maya can convince Elliot to play along.

Stuffed animal dance partners have become a staple. Maya's favorite dance move continues to be the classic "spin til dizzy." Elliot has expanded her repertoire to include barrel rolling across the floor, summersaults, and attaching herself to my left leg.

We have transitioned from using my limited iTunes library to logging on at Pandora for a Mika-based radio station, or perhaps some Funk. We're hoping to really switch up the music now that Joe got two family sing-along music books for his guitar. Oh yes, we will be THAT family (no video, I promise!)

So yes, in case you were wondering, we still rock and roll (or lately, kick it broadway style) on a daily basis. Long live Dance Party!

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