Thursday, August 13, 2009

Magic Igloo of Convalescence

On day 3 of her tonsillectomy recovery, Maya is one tired, sad little girl.

We were told to expect that. Apparently the swelling and pain typically worsens until day three, but it is still frustrating. She is eating much less, moving very little, and unable to tolerate Elliot's attempts to play with her.

Elliot, though still a little run down, is ready to play. She tried to start a dance party to the theme song of Caillou, but her sister said no. She tried to have a tea party with her babies in the play room, but from all the way in the living room, her sister said no. She tried to swipe a bite of popsicle, but her sister burst into tears!

So now we are upstairs, playing dollhouse. Every few minutes, Maya plays a tune on the xylophone, summoning me to help get a new show or a popsicle. Every few minutes, Elliot wants to check on "Poa Maya."

It's been a busy day.
Also, my pantry is overflowing.

This picture represents about one tenth of the garden produce in my house. Most of it is in drawers and bags and tupperware in the fridge. Good thing my mom just donated her canner to the cause. I'll let you know how my first efforts at canning turn out.

In the meantime, in spite of all of our sickness and the oppressively humid heat outside, I've been cooking: gyros with tszatsziki and veggies; refrigerator pickles; Mediterranean pepper salad; zucchini bread; and tapioca pudding (which isn't garden related, but is a good throat soother).

So, here in the Magic Igloo of Convalescence comforters are still comforting, a hot oven presents no fear, and no one knows that outside it is 90 degrees and 90% humid.

It's been a

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