Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bounded Knowledge

This week I'm quietly researching the details of Upturned Stones. I've been digging up details of Feminist Wiccan traditions, pagan rituals, crystal and stone enchantments, and ground-breaking foody inventions. Odd, huh?

As usual, I find it difficult not to get pulled away from the story and into the details of whatever I'm learning about. To prevent against that, I've been taking frequent breaks from the research. I read a bit of material, then take a walk or play sand box cafe with my girls while working out how this new information adds to or detracts from the story.

I'm trying to learn just enough to back up my characters and fill out the minor conflicts, but not so much that I end up bounded by the information. Or overwhelmed by the need to stay true to bigger, real-world concepts. It will be easier to draft this puppy if most of the details can come from my own imagination and decaying memory of feminist philosophy, rather than volumes of research.

Next week, my four year old will be engaged in a morning summer camp, so hopefully I can wander around the neighborhood with my two-year old in the stroller, working out the last bit of the outline in time for a major August push on the first draft.

Progress continues, though it is slow.

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jchart said...

I like the breaks you take too :-) Not long til August hits and you do your big push.


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