Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Workin' for the Weekend

On this sunny and still spring day, I'm incredibly anxious to get into my garden.

Unfortunately for me, getting in the garden means cleaning up the mess I neglected last fall. Sunflower stalks, decomposing tomato vines, and other remnants of last year's garden still need to be cleared, along with several varieties of vivacious new weeds.

Believe it or not, I'm enthusiastic even for this thankless garden project. It's a great opportunity to get messy with the girls, and once cleared, I'm ready for more rewarding work this weekend. Hauling in compost, tilling up the soil, marking off and preparing the beds, and finally, planting some of the first crops.

Not the first, though. This morning, I harvested our first crop: asparagas. Elliot and I shared the first slender, sweet stalk right in the back yard. Of course, she spit her bite out, but at least she tried it!

Our first harvest of 2009 came right after a trip to the clinic for Elliot's 18 month check up (90% heitght, 50% weight.... bring on the whole milk yogurt!). I had my doctor cornered, so I couldn't help but ask a couple of quick questions about swine flu (How much Airborne should I pack in the survival kit? Answer: *snorty laughter*).

So I'm off to wrestle Maya out of her fancy dress and into some play clothes. Let the garden begin!

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