Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a Rainy Day

(An homage to Mercer Meyer)

Today was just a rainy day.

We really wanted to join our neighbors, Bunny and Robin, in the backyard, but we had to find things to do inside instead.

We tried to put on a puppet show just for mom, but we couldn't decide which puppet belonged to which girl... We let mom put on a show for us instead.

We wanted to help mom reach her coffee, but it was too tippy! (And thankfully, tepid... the floor needed some attention, but no one got burned! The photo was taken later, when she went back for more.)

We wanted to color a picture just for mom, but the crayons were too tasty.

We tried to cozy up with mom and read some good books, but the pages tore too easily.

So we took a nap instead.

Like Little Critter, they have the best intentions, but after a few days in the backyard, they're a little squirrelly in the house. I think the afternoon will have to feature a rainy walk!

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Rooster said...

Very smooth...I love Little Critter


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