Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Though the errant cough may still ring out from time to time, we now consider ourselves a healthy family.

Thanks to massive quantities of antique antibiotics, Maya is bubbling over with energy today... the first time in more than three weeks. Elliot is following her lead from one game to the next.

Maya spent much of this morning on a quiet but unauthorized foray into photography; an escapade I only just discovered. When I downloaded pictures from my camera, there were more than 55 images of the cat in various stages of first relaxation, then flight.

Another 30 pictures featured Elliot and a diminishing rice cracker.

Maya knows she isn't allowed to use the camera (a result of last year's overeager photography which busted our old camera), so it looks like she stayed under the dining room table for the duration of the photo shoot.

All of this must have happened while I dashed upstairs to sort some laundry, then downstairs to wash it.... No wonder household tasks languish on the "to do" list!

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