Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ongoing Plague

I feel like a jerk. I didn't want to be the "silly" mom hauling her kid to the doctor a hundred times for the same cold, so even though Maya was "off" all week, I put it down to recovery.... In keeping with my plan to give Delores the cold shoulder.

Maya didn't complain a bit, in spite of an ongoing runny nose and low energy levels. She threw a few out of character tantrums and didn't eat much. Those were my only clues that something was wrong.

Then yesterday afternoon, she suddenly began crying inconsolably, complaining of a sore ear.

Poor kid. An hour later she walked out of urgent care with a vat of bubble gum flavored antibiotics and a new diagnosis: an ear infection and strep throat.

Next time, I'll err on the side of being the silly mom!

To cheer myself up, I dug up this old picture of Elliot to pair with the new one:

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